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Shipping supports real-time shipping calculations for the United States and other countries. Shipping is calculated by the total weight of the order and the shipping destination.
We greatly appreciate your business and work hard to satisfy our loyal customers. We custom manufacture each order as they are placed. Normally orders are processed within 2 or 3 business days and then shipped. Thanks again for the business!
USA Shipping
Shipping Methods & Delivery:
- Standard (United States) – 3 to 5 day shipping service, after processing
- Priority (United States) – 1 to 3 day shipping service, after processing
International Shipping
Free Shipping offers do not apply to orders shipped outside of the United States
Rates & Delivery
Shipping rates are calculated during checkout and presented to each customer prior to payment. Delivery times vary by destination country. We offer United States Postal Service International First Class Mail & Priority Mail to most countries.
Duties (Customs Fees) & Taxes
Duties and taxes are not included with our shipping charges. Each customer shipping outside of the United States is responsible for these duties and taxes. We are required to include the value of each order with each package.
We ship to the following countries
Andorra   Comoros   Guinea   Namibia   South Africa
Angola   Congo, Democratic Republic of the   Guinea-Bissau   New Zealand   Spain
Australia   Congo, Republic of the   Iceland   Niger   Sudan
Austria   Denmark   Ireland   Nigeria   Swaziland
Belgium   Djibouti   Italy   Norway   Sweden
Benin   Equatorial Guinea   Kenya   Portugal   Switzerland
Botswana   Eritrea   Lesotho   Rwanda   Tanzania
Brazil   Faroe Islands   Liberia   Saint Helena   Togo
Burkina Faso   Finland   Luxembourg   San Marino   Uganda
Burundi   Gabon   Madagascar   Sao Tome and Principe   United Kingdom
Cameroon   Gambia   Malawi   Senegal   Zambia
Canada   Germany   Mali   Serbia, Republic of   Zimbabwe
Cape Verde   Ghana   Malta   Seychelles    
Central African Republic   Gibraltar   Mauritania   Sierra Leone    
Chad   Greece   Mauritius   Slovak Republic (Slovakia)    
China   Greenland   Mozambique   Slovenia